Diane Lee in Stockholm 23-25 October 2019

In October Diane Lee will for the first time present her 3 day ”Head and neck” course.

The course is open for lic physiotherapists and other manual therapists like lic/leg chiropractor, leg naprapat (including naprapaths in Norway and other countries), lic/DO osteopath. You need to have an insurance that allows you to work with manual therapies like manipulation and mobilization.

At the conclusion of this course, you will have new skills to assess function of the cranium to the 4th thoracic ring (including the clavicle and scapula) and how to find the primary driver for meaningful tasks involving the head, neck and shoulder girdle. How to differentiate and treat dural system impairments from cranial musculoskeletal drivers will be covered. You will understand how to design a multimodal treatment program (including education, manual therapy (introductory craniosacral release techniques), neuromuscular release, and movement training) to restore function and performance for any patient presenting with headache, neck pain and/or shoulder girdle pain.

The course language is english. Only 30 participants in the course.

Fee: 7.960 SEK + 25 % VAT
Companys registered in other country than Sweden do not pay VAT.
For registration follow the link

Approximate hours each day in classroom is 8.30 am to 17.00 (pm).

When you register and the form asks for your swedish social security number (if you do not have one), please type 000101-0101 or similar. We will collect your date of birth and/or VAT number for your company in a later stage. 

CANCELLATION POLICY: Your registration is binding. If a course registrant cancels prior to one month before the course start a full refund will be providedbesides an administrative fee of 500 SEK + VAT 25%. 

If a course registrant cancels later than a month before course start a doctor’s record will be required for a full refund to be provided besides an administrative fee of 500 SEK + VAT 25%.

You may bring your material on your laptop or computer. You may also print it out. 

When the material has been sent out it is considered to be your prepaid material. If a course registrant cancels after the course material has been sent out a fee of 2000 SEK + VAT 25% will be required, even with a doctors record. 

Mammamage has the right to alter the schedule or cancel the course . If the course is cancelled participants will be notified at the latest 7 days prior to course start and a full refund will be made.

In case of force majeur the organiser is not held responsible. 

Through your registration you have granted Mammamage Sweden and Diane Lee to use your personal data in each separate company to save information on courses completed, certification and to send information to you. This data will not be shared with a third part.